Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mommy Drama

I joined a local Mom's Club about a year ago and rarely went to any activities. Then recently, re-upped my membership in the hopes of getting out of it what I intended to the first time and I've been a LOT more involved. Well, now that I'm in it, I'm seriously thinking about starting up a new chapter.

I am just sick to death of the drama. I don't like the back biting and bitchiness and I certainly don't like the jockeying for position and power. There have been a few actions taken that are beyond repair and I am regretfully part of the problem.

About 6 months ago, the club president confided in me her frustrations with a few 'old' board members who were standing in the way of progress. Me being the action taker that I am suggested we get a group of members together that want the same changes and make an organized effort at the next membership meeting to start these projects. Since then, I haven't seen the 'old' members at any activities or meetings. Something tells me they were tipped off to the 'rebellion' that was staged.

Then there was a Mom's night out scheduled by the president and then canceled at the last minute. It was then picked up by another memeber and about 8 women showed up and had a great time. Unfortunately, another member sent out personal invitations and had a Mom's night out on the same night at a different location excluding a whole list of people intentionally. I haven't seen that 'invitation only' group of women at any activities in the past few months either.

The way I see it, there is a HUGE division in the group and I've finally discovered why that is. Feelings have been hurt and people are taking sides. I HATE THAT. I don't want to be pulled into the middle of it or forced to choose a side. THAT negates what the mom's Club is about, it's exclusive and it's hurtful. I'm not going to do it anymore. I've decided that I am going to step back in a pretty big way and give up some of the sub-clubs that I am running. I'm just going to fill my days with activities that I enjoy and spend my time with people I enjoy being around. The trouble is that I have half a mind to tell the president what I think and I can't think of a way to do that where her feelings don't get hurt. Maybe just walking away is the best thing to do.

I'm just going to have to find other ways of making new friends and find another cause to get behind. Maybe in a few months, I will look into other clubs or starting my own. But right now, I'm just feeling very negative about women in general and don't want to be a part of the drama. What would you do?

On a happier note, my Big Dreams 100 lb Fitness Challenge is going great! We have lost 15.5 lbs already and are well on our way to big success! We have decided to pamper ourselves with something really nice and out of the ordinary when we reach our goal. I wish we could do it together, but being all over the country makes that really difficult.

I change my reward about every other day, but today the plan is to touch up my tattoo and get my ears pierced again. I'm thinking the tat I got back at BYU is a little juvenile and cartoonesque for my taste now that I'm 30 and adding more black and a bit more detail in the vines could bring my little Forget-me-not flower more up to date. I also want a 3rd hole in my left ear so I can put Mekayla's birth stone in it. I usually wear Kaia's birthstone in my second holes and I'm in the process of finding my next everyday ware for the first holes. :) So that's the plan for that.

As far as tracking and reporting results, I have switched to a thread on facebook so that we can be totally honest and not worry about the whole world peeking in on our personal struggles. For now, I will post progress as a general group effort and keep you in the loop about how we celebrate our success. ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm So Glad When Hubby Comes Home!

YAY! Today is the big day when the hubs comes home. I am so relieved and excited, I can't even contain myself. It's been 3 weeks since I've had a man around the house, and I could really use a break after the last few weeks of disaster.

I tried to potty train Kaia. This is an ongoing frustration. She has been pooping in the toilet for a good 6-8 months now consistently, but she won't pee in the toilet to save her own life... which there have been a few times where it might have spared her some drama. She effectively saturated my scrapbook bag... yup, climbed right on top to take a leak into my open bag of papers and supplies. I was able to save most of it, but it was touch and go for a lot of it. She tagged my office chair twice the floor 3 times and the couch once. But I think the one that made me the most angry was when she went up on her bed with about 6 loads of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away and proceeded to do business through the clothes and onto the bedding which had also just been washed and put back in place the day before. I'm thinking she is using this as a tool to get back at me for something. Any advice on how to handle this would be helpful.

My workload has more than doubled this last week and I've been so sick with a sinus infection and lung issue that has effectively robbed me of 65% of my lung capacity. Not fun, but the meds seem to be helping a bit with that, so hopefully, we'll be back to our routine here shortly.

We got about 18 new inches of snow and our 50 meter driveway needed a good shoveling... YAY for snow. It's beautiful, but a LOT of work.

Mekayla started crawling and has learned to pull herself up to her feet. Unfortunately, she has not learned to keep herself on her feet when she tries to move from one side to the other. This has resulted in more bumps and bruises than I care to count. She also managed to get off my bed and fall down out top step last week... that could have been tragic. Our staircase is like a ladder and the only thing that kept her from tumbling all the way down was the traction strip of sandpaper that she got her face caught up on. Yeah... makes me feel like mother of the year. I guess that's one way to leave my mark on the world.

Of course y'all read about the granola bar incident. Poor Kaia has healed nicely. The staples came out last Friday, and it seems to be a distant memory for her. I'm not so sure it bares so traumatic in her mind as it once did because she has had as many granola bars as she has asked for whenever she asked for them and I think she counts that as a win in her book. :)

I think that about covers it for the tough 3 weeks. Oh, let's not forget that the gilrs aren't sleeping through the night anymore. Not sure what that is all about, but Mekayla wakes up at about 3am and 5am every morning. Then rustles around until 6:30 when she is up for the day. EXHAUSTING! Kaia does pretty well once she is down, but we have had 2 projectile vomiting sessions. One with Mekayla this morning and one with Kaia 3 days ago. Not sure what they have been eating to cause that, but it was a one-time deal that made terrible messes and then it was over, with little to no residual whining or fussiness. WEIRD.

So, I'm looking forward to getting a full nights rest and a break from the kids. I look forward to spending time with Ben too. I've missed him lots and could use some snuggle time and adult conversation. :)

Big Dreams 100 LB Fitness Challenge Report

Big Dreams 100 lb Fitness Challenge
Name Start Current Goal Total % Loss To Go
Me 250 243 155 7 2.8% 88
Nicci 188 185.5 150 2.5 1.3% 35.5
Lacey 244 236 155 8 3.3% 81
Piper 209 202.4 150 6.6 3.2% 52.4
Jennifer 206 206 140 0 0.0% 66
TOTALS 17.5 7.4% 204.5

We are off to a descent start, but have a ways to go. We need to start talking about our prize for reaching the goal. I'm thinking a mandatory pamper day where we take at least 2 hours without the kids to do something nice for ourselves. Clothes shopping, pedicures, margaritas with friends, whatever. What do you guys think? If we set that as our prize and we meet our goals. I'm going to expect a full report of your celebration. It is no small feat to lose 100 lbs. Thanks for joining me to make it a bit easier. If we each lose 20, we'll be there in no time. :) Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you are interested in joining the challenge but don't wish to be named, just shoot me an e-mail and we'll come up with a nickname for you and we can support each other anonymously. :) Have a healthy one!